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Buy fine gemstone jewelry online from us at Rio Gems 2ct Pink Topaz & Diamond Silver Studs

Yes, buy fine jewelry from us online and see your world dazzle in style! From fine silver jewelry to gemstones to fine gold jewelry, we have it all. These luminous and gorgeous gemstones (both mounted and loose) are sure to steal your heart away! Simultaneously, we are well aware of the fact that the acquisition of diamonds, gem stones or sterling gold\silver jewelry represents a major investment factor to you and thus our customers deserve to attain the best of quality and price both!! And this precisely what we endow you with! Sapphire Gemstone

Our wide selection of fine gemstones mixed with gold, silver and diamonds gives a perfect touch of elegance and classiness.

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I know my birthstone is a Pearl for June or also can be Alexandrite but I personally love Amethyst! That beautiful rich royal purple just catches my eye like sparkle from a Diamond. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It’s rich purple color has symbolized royalty throughout the ages. What royalty….Ha I love it, so why not own it! Check this beauty out and the amazing price!

1ct Amethyst & Diamond Pendant

A graduated drop pendant has 3, 4 & 5mm color gems, along with an accent diamond above them. This is a classic style that will bring a smile to any woman’s collection.

Retail: $79.95  Our Price: $59.95   Save 25%



Not into purple? Maybe you love the velvety blue to violetish blue from a gorgeous Sapphire! Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Our Sapphire is only the finest from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Sapphire comes in a full spectrum of colors, with the red variety being called Ruby. They can come in medium to medium dark tones and they also have strong to vivid color saturation and it doesn’t compromise the brightness. Look at this dazzler!

Blue Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Framed Ring

Breath-taking! Gorgeous cornflower blue natural ceylon sapphire surrounded by 28 white diamonds. This is an exquisite ring. This gorgeous ring can be given as a Sapphire engagement ring (Prince Charles engagement ring to Lady Di was blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds too).

Retail: $599  Our Price: $499  Save 17%


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